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Gerald Haywood 87,484

AKA: TheREAL24savage

Check out my mixtape listening log here and drop some new musical suggestions, if you like! :)

Gerald is the name. (I HATE BIOS! SHxT!)
24 years young. Besides music, pizza, wings and Gatorade are life, no question.

Usually in the trenches of trap music, but sometimes you can catch me peeking into other genres.

If you need anything at all, whether it’s help (preferably with metadata or correcting lyrics) or simply want to chat, just hit me up! I’ll try to respond ASAP! (Just be sure to keep the convo interesting. ;) ) :)
Time Zone: PDT (second Sunday of March to first Sunday of November)/MST (first Sunday of November to second Sunday of March)
…Or just MST year-round ‘cause Arizona.

Joined: 7/28/16

What I’m most likely working on currently:

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[color ffffffffff]s01e1 chapter one: get some then [/color] | UPSKIRT 팬티 보이지 않는 옷장 오작동 그림 세트103 | Tammy Blanchard