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She's Only Sixteen

About She's Only Sixteen

She’s Only Sixteen is a Philippine rock band currently composed of high school friends, Roberto Seña (vocals/rhythm guitar), Andrew Panopio (lead guitar), Anjo Silvoza, and King Puentespina (drums). Kevin Santos (drums) is the only former member of the band.

According to their bassist, Anjo Silvoza, the band originated in 2008 as two bands: False Targets and She’s Only Sixteen. Eventually, both bands merged into what is the current lineup since 2011. Some of their earliest recorded work can be found in a 2010 compilation album full of their high school music organization’s original songs and live performances such as this.

In mid-2012, She’s Only Sixteen was signed to Universal Records Philippines and Orion Entertainment where they released their first, and only EP under the label. They would later go on to sign with Party Bear Records, who would release their first album, Whatever That Was, on September 30, 2017. When asked about their style, the band quipped:

“She’s Only Sixteen is a mix of rock, pop, dance, folk, ear-grabbing hooks, good taste, bad jokes, alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, debauchery, kalandian (flirtatiousness), deep commentary on love and life, and a load of class.”

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