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Ryan Caraveo

About Ryan Caraveo

25-year-old Seattle, Washington native Ryan Caraveo has built his way up through online followings to sold out shows. The genre of hip-hop/rap suites his melodic voice perfectly.

On February 12, 2018, Ryan released his third studio album, At Least I Tried a 15 track album with no features. He toured across the United States in February-April 2018, with artists such as Cam Meekins, Adrian Stresow, Justin Stone, Abstract, and Ryan Oakes opening.

Ryan Caraveo made his first appearance in 2014 looking clean-cut, while his music was anything but that. His debut album Swings gave listeners a taste of triumph, loss, heartbreak, and his battles with inner demons. The album’s most popular song, Paraidse, is a uneasy ode to the escape drugs provide and has since streamed over 20 million times total.

In 2016, the Seattle-born artist sold out several of the largest local venues, performed at Sasquatch Festival, and finished the summer by gracing the main stage of the iconic Bumbershoot Festival. At the end of the year, he proceeded to release another full length album, Maybe They Were Wrong, which further displayed his preference for happy melodies paired with gloomy thoughts, with many drawing similarities to artists like Kid Cudi, Eminem, and Hippie Sabotage. Ryan has been touring the US through 2017 and his cult following has many eager fans awaiting his next release

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