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AKA: Lil Bucky, Dontai, and OG 2Tone

About ImDontai

Dontai Ethridge (born September 2, 1992) also known as ImDontai, Lil Bucky, Zilla, and OG 2Tone, is a YouTube entertainer, comedian, and rapper.

ImDontai started his YouTube channel in May 2015, and has quickly gained success ever since. He has always aspired to be a comedian or rapper but his mom didn’t see those as realistic occupations, so he went to college to be a police officer. He eventually stopped pursuing the career of a policeman, and worked several minimum wage jobs while making YouTube videos everyday. Once he earned enough money, he moved into his own apartment and started doing YouTube full-time.

ImDontai released his debut EP entitled “Early Stages” on September 1st, 2016 followed by two concept projects in 2017, “Land of Development” and “Dumb It Down”.

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