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El Alfa

AKA: Emanuel Herrera Batista and El Alfa El Jefe

About El Alfa

Emanuel Herrera Batista, better known by his stage name El Alfa, was born and raised in Haina, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He is a Dominican urban artist who is praised as one of the most influential artist of all time in the music genre called “Dembow”.

He became known with hits like “Coche Bomba”, “Muevete Jevi” and “Tarzan”. Throughout his career El Alfa has become one of the most popular artist in D.R. with hits like “Millonario Al Tiro”, “Banda De Camión” and “Suave”. He has performed at many major venues, including Madison Square Garden – where he was invited by the famous spanish radio station WSKQ-FM, known as “La Mega 97.9”.

Apart from his artistic life, El Alfa is known for his generosity and social awareness in the districts on the west side of his country – where he was born and raised. He gives lectures on self-improvement, delivers toys, school supplies and sports equipment for low-income residents in the area.

El Alfa is currently working on the internationalization of his career – he is preparing a media tour in several countries. He has toured throughout Europe and much of the United States.

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