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Berner 591


About Berner

TGOD’s bay area affiliate, and veteran of countless releases (which include but are in no way limited too)

Berner has stood the test of time with not only his business sense but with his easy going and laid back nature on tracks. Has collaborated with artists as varied as Curren$y, Chris Brown, Goldtoes, Cozmo, Problem and many more.

His resumé is also expanding, with his popular Cookies medicinal marijuana brand and clothing line, Hemp2o (a hemp-infused vitamin water), an app Sweeble, and much more coming very soon.

Top Movies | Musika: Nakakabuti Ba O Nakasasama? | [Linux Game | Logic] Portal + Portal Prelude [CrossOver] Подробнее... Залито: 28-07-2011 15:18 (4421 просмотр) [Linux Game | Logic] Portal + Portal Prelude [CrossOver] Игры для других платформ Белые стены, полная изоляция, странный голос в голове. Нет, это не психушка, вы попали на испытательный полигон. Кто вы? Миловидная женщина, которой выпало несчастье протестировать новое сверхсекретное приспособление под чутким руководством GLaDOS. Наградой станет вкусный торт. Устройство, кстати, стоит... Раздают: 0 Качают: 0 Размер: 4.67GB